Slow systems: Annoying bug in recent Windows 10 updates

In the past few days we have reported various issues, primarily with the patches for the two youngest Windows 10 versions Surfaced in 1903 and 1909. Now another problem arises.

As it reports News magazine Windows Latest, users find that their systems react much slower than before. There are reports of slow-reacting PCs and slowed processes in connection with the latest three updates that Microsoft had published for Windows 10 1903 and 1909, i.e. for KB4535996, KB4540673 and KB4551762.

All updates affected?

There have been reports of users of all three updates reporting that their PCs start up slower than usual. Microsoft has not yet commented on the problem with the bugs that keep appearing in the builds. Therefore, the users themselves search for the culprit in the various forums. This could be driver problems or an error in connection with third-party software, i.e. basically incompatibility errors.

The Windows 10 update KB4535996 has been available since the end of February and has already shown the problems described. Microsoft then sent another update after Patchday in March and then a security update in a timely manner. Three updates were released within these few days. Accordingly, the new versions have not yet been installed for every user (despite the auto update). Often, Microsoft only reacts when problematic updates are already widespread – simply from the fact that only with a certain installation basis has enough accumulated feedback that can be evaluated by the development teams.

Uninstall (k) an option

In the case of the current errors, there is a security problem. According to Windows Latest, those who are affected by the slowed down system can only get a grip on it if the latest updates are uninstalled again. In this case, the PC would then again be unprotected against the most recently closed vulnerabilities.

So there is nothing else to do than either plague yourself with a slow PC or take a risk of attack.

Download Windows 10 patch for the May / November update
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