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After two years, Slovana Bratislava footballers are returning to a place where most of the current staff still have pleasant memories. At the Tallaght Stadium in Dublin, they defeated the Irish champion Dundalk 3: 1 and advanced to the playoffs of the European League.

The Irish champion is waiting for them again, but this time Shamrock Rovers and they will meet him in the 1st preliminary round of the Champions League. He defeated him in Tehelné pole last Wednesday 2: 0. They are better off than in August 2019, when they arrived in Dublin after a close home win of 1: 0.

Coach Vladimír Weiss and players are aware that the decision has not been made. Up to eight players of the current team started in the match with Dundalk and they remember well that the home team was an unpleasant opponent, they did not take several chances, including a penalty kick, they fought until the last minutes.

The two-goal lead is promising, but could have been higher. At the end of last week’s match, Weiss junior did not take the chance when he found himself alone in front of the goalkeeper and immediately burned the penalty.

“It simply came to our notice then. The first match was not easy for us, we had a hard time asserting ourselves, fortunately, we scored two goals, we won. Retaliation will be difficult, at home we should have scored at least an extra goal. Now we will have to score with the opponent to be calm, “emphasized the coach.

He reminded that Shamrock plays at home a little differently than on the opponent’s courts. “We played a lot of fights at home. We have to improve in that, to be stronger in fights, in commitment, in toughness, to be dangerous in the front, and I believe that then we will score one goal. “

He can no longer rely on the opponent’s goal to be a bonus. UEFA has abolished this rule after 56 years, and an outside goal has the same price as a home goal in the event of a tie for points and scores.

“I accept this change positively. It’s fair for both teams and better for football, it supports offensive football. You don’t have to calculate, but play to win, “said Weiss. Even the coach of the opponent Stephen Bradley did not feel in the position of falling after the first match.

“I was missing more things in the offensive phase, we weren’t as emphatic there as I imagined. The retaliation will be difficult, we can bounce back from the fact that our goalkeeper eliminated the penalty kick in the end. “

The Brazilian Ratao, the author of both goals, decided on the home win of the Slovak champion. Even two years ago, he scored one of the three white goals in Dublin. “We have experience with the Irish, they play hard football and they fight for every ball until the last minute. We have to deal with them in this, then we have a chance, “stressed the defender of the Slav Jurij Medvědev.

The match starts at 21.00 and is broadcast live by RTVS. In case of advancement, Slovan is waiting for the Swiss team BSC Young Boys Bern in the 2nd preliminary round, the first match is scheduled for next week on Tuesday or Wednesday.



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