“Slovakia’s Determination to Advance in 2023 World Hockey Championship Despite Tough Competition”

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After a narrow win over Slovenia (1:0), Slovakia stayed in the game for the quarterfinals. However, his pilgrimage to the 2023 World Cup in Hockey may, despite a possible win against Norway, put an end to the determination of the home Latvians, who will face the undefeated Swiss.

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Miroslav Šatan reminded that, first of all, it will be important for Craig Ramsay’s men to fulfill their duty against Norway and succeed for 3 points. There will be time for nervousness only afterwards, even though it will not be easy to displace it before our match.

“So far, I’ve been a little nervous every game. They were all very tight. We will all be nervous. And not only in our match, but also in the evening. First of all, it is important that we win and then we will wait for the result.

I would like to experience a match where we would be calm from the middle of the match, but so far we have not succeeded. We still have to fight for the result until the end. We sell emotions and I believe that at least the fans will not turn off the TV and watch until the end.” he said after Monday’s practice.

World Hockey Championship 2023: Slovenia – Slovakia (from left Marek Hrivík, Patrik Koch and Šimon Nemec)

Source: TASR

The head of SZĽH is not afraid that the conflict between Libor Hudáček and captain Marek Hrivík would have a negative impact on the cabin before the match. He has already experienced similar situations and believes that they can have a positive effect on the entire team.

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“I’m not surprised. The boys clean it up in the cabin. They all have the skills and know what is important. Egos will go aside and they will give everything until the last match.

Before a critical duel, it can only help us when the cabin consolidates. We have enough experienced players who have been through different situations and this can only strengthen them before the decisive match with Norway.”

After the poorer goal match with Slovenia, Miroslav Šatan believes that even in the last one there will be shooters who will help the team stay in the game for the quarter-finals. “We have players who can score a goal at a critical moment. So far, someone has always been found, including Rišo Pánik yesterday. I believe that in the match against Norway there will be someone who will score.”

What was it like in training during the photo shoot? Craig Ramsay also spoke:

It will be important for the team to pay more attention to Craig Ramsay’s words and choose a shot at the goal instead of passes to teammates. After the one-goal victory, the coach of the national team noted that he has been telling his players this for 6 years and they will listen to him once.

“Sometimes players want to be too friendly towards their friend and put him in a situation worse than the one where the player himself should shoot. Sometimes they really need to feel a little more hungry for a goal.

There are situations when the player is in a better position and then it is necessary to record. But many times players who are in a good position to shoot make a pass in a worse position and don’t shoot. Coaches emphasize this often. It doesn’t end there, it still needs to be done. Craig was being ironic of course and I believe that the players, even though they have heard it many times, will take it as their own.”

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Before the last match, on the other hand, the team does not have to worry about the defense and goals, which probably had the most questions before the start of the tournament. Not even Miroslav Šatan dares to say who the coaches will send to catch.

“Sometimes we see that the predictions and estimates of people and experts do not work. Of course, we didn’t know, but they hoped that it could turn out like this and one of the goalkeepers will simply break away and try to be a unit and a support. Finally, we have two goalkeepers who have done it quite well. I confess, I don’t even know who they will pick for tomorrow’s match. It’s a hard choice.”

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