Slovakia is taking it from the floor: It is introducing controls at the border with the Czech Republic

He added that the concrete functioning, as it will be technically, is still being discussed. The Minister of the Interior was unable to comment on the possible need for confirmation from the employer for commuters. “The relevant regulation must be issued by the Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic, Ján Mikas,” Mikulec added.

According to Prime Minister Igor Matovič, the Czech Republic will be in the so-called intermediate regime between the green and red countries from the Slovak point of view from Friday. “Formally, it’s red, but it has a number of exceptions and random checks. If the situation in the Czech Republic worsened, we would have to tighten up, “Matovič said on Tuesday.

For trips from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, either a negative test for coronavirus, which must not be older than 72 hours, or the onset of a five-day quarantine and subsequent testing for covid-19 will be required from Friday.

The obligation will not apply to commuters up to 30 kilometers from the nearest border crossing, to students, teachers, researchers, health professionals, farmers, social workers or in the so-called critical infrastructure, or to some athletes and artists.

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