Slogans such as ‘Heil Hitler’ at corona demonstration Den Bosch, Central Jewish Consultation shocked | Den Bosch

Tonight the Central Jewish Consultation has called on the police and the judiciary of Den Bosch to punish protesters who have expressed themselves anti-Semitic. They think it is more than right that the ME on Saturday demonstration against corona measures has ended. Some demonstrators chanted slogans like ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Stink Jews’.

Eddo Verdoner, chairman of the CJO, is shocked. “There is a group of people who hijack the demonstration to express anti-Semitic views. The things they shout do not even refer to what they demonstrate for in terms of content. ”

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According to Verdoner, what happened in Den Bosch on Saturday also fits with an old anti-Semitic idea. “Something bad is happening in the world right now, and they are looking for a scapegoat for that. That happened in the past and I am concerned about that. The police must act quickly to make it clear that this is where the line is. Now those protesters think they can get away with it. ”

A video circulating on social media shows how the group of protesters chants anti-Semitic slogans. They also sang lyrics such as ‘Police, police, the whores of justice’.

The demonstration took place on Saturday in Den Bosch and was aimed against the tightened corona measures. Hundreds of protesters marched. The demonstration was prematurely disbanded in consultation with the organizers, because protesters did not adhere to the corona rules. Two people were arrested.

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