Slight rebound in the Covid indicators, which continue, even so, at minimum figures


Updated:06/22/2022 12:46h


Andalusia has experienced a slight rebound this Tuesday of almost all the indicators with which the progress of the Covid pandemic is measured. However, the figures remain low. Thus, the Health and Family Counseling It has reported 4,031 coronavirus infections this Tuesday compared to just over 2,000 that occurred last Friday.

There is also an increase in the number of deaths from Covid. If 18 were noted in the last report of the Board, this Tuesday there are 33. In total, since the start of the pandemic, in Andalusia have died 14,203 people.

However, and although the increase in these parameters is evident, it should be noted that the figures in which the pandemic is being handled right now are minimal compared to other times in the past.

more than a year ago, in the worst of the third wave, Andalusia added more than one hundred daily deaths; now they are less than ten a day. So there were days with six thousand or seven thousand positives; Now they hardly exceed a thousand.

The same happens in hospitalized patients. Although it is true that they have risen this Tuesday, they are in very low numbers compared to the immediate past. Thus, Andalusia records 518 admitted patients compared to the 480 that were last Friday. In the ICU there are 27, when four days ago there were 27.

Even in this context, there are positive data: Almeria and Huelva For the second week, the ICUs of their provinces are completely empty of Covid patients.

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