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If you feel drowsy all the time, not refreshed, some people have drowsiness. Risk of an accident while driving While some people have sleep problems that affect their breathing. which is at risk of heart disease Cerebral veins would have a bad effect both can be edited Or find the cause to prevent it early. The doctor revealed how to observe people who have difficulty sleeping.

Many people wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, tired, exhausted and sleepy all the time. Some people have breathing problems. as if breathing is not full … these things we can check that during sleep Does the work of various systems in the body become abnormal, such as the respiratory system, brain system, oxygen levels, etc.

sleep problems It is important for people of all ages. In addition, if there are many problems when waking up, besides not feeling refreshed in the morning Still feeling sleepy all the time Risk of falling asleep while driving If severe, it may cause an accident. At the same time, some people have sleep problems that affect their breathing. may be at risk of heart disease cerebral artery… So if we find a problem quickly It will help heal in time.”

Kanya Panchapornphon, MD. Physician in respiratory diseases crisis medicine and sleep Chest Disease Institute – Monk Hospital, Department of Medical Affairs and Vice President of the Sleep Disorders Association of Thailand Speaking to Hfocus reporters, it’s a sleep problem that many people might overlook.

**How ​​do we know that I’m facing the problem of poor quality sleep…

Dr. Kalaya said that most patients will tell their symptoms to the doctor to assess the symptoms first. Have questions about sleep problems? which we can observe the symptoms for ourselves Or ask people who sleep with us, such as friends, parents, or couples. He said that he had problems with snoring, stopped breathing, startled, choking, teeth grinding, sleepwalking, twitching limbs, difficulty falling asleep, waking up often at night. Waking up in the morning tired, sleepy all the time, and feeling tired and lacking energy.

“The doctor will take a history to assess the symptoms before Do you have any doubts about sleep disorders? Which are generally divided into 6 groups of diseases such as 1. Insomnia 2. Snoring, sleep apnea 3. Sleepwalking 4. Sleep with legs jerk or clenching teeth. 5. Unusually sleepy during the day and 6. Life clock variability. Including the assessment of whether the patient is at risk of other diseases, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure or taking a variety of drugs, being overweight, old, large necks, and males are at risk groups. There are many factors to evaluate each individual. before considering to send for a sleep test or Sleep Test”

**Sleep Test (Sleep Test) What do you check…

Dr. Kanlaya said that the main sleep monitoring records many signals. such as while sleeping, such as EEG signals filling of the eyeball The work of the chin muscles, leg muscles, snoring, breath examination, and thorax-abdominal movements measure oxygen saturation ECG Multiple sleep recordings To assess whether there is snoring, respiratory arrest, low oxygen saturation during sleep. or sleep with teeth including having limb spasms Some are sleepwalking and cry.

“Sleep check It is necessary to stay one night at the hospital. to record signal data In the first period, various signals are recorded for the first 2-3 hours to see how much the respiratory index is faint-apnea. If found that there is an index of shortness of breath – respiratory arrest according to indications A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is used to adjust the pressure. which will have a mask to wear around the nose or mouth and nose And the machine will release various levels of positive pressure to open the airway. But in some people who work at night and sleep during the day, they can come and check their sleep during the day.”

**How ​​many types of sleep checks are there and is it necessary for everyone to be hospitalized?

Dr. Kalaya said sleep checkThose who come to the hospital for 1 night is a standardized test called Type 1, which is checked with > 7 different signs and is monitored by staff all the time. But there are also other types of sleep monitoring. For example, type 3 is a portable test. which had to see a doctor to assess whether How many symptoms of sleep apnea are suspected? and must not have any restrictions on the examination Because this test has 4 different signals such as breath check, oxygen saturation. and shifting of the thorax or abdomen
The sleep test type 2 is similar to type 1, but there is no one to monitor all the time, such as a patient sleeping in a hospital. But need to hurry to check the sleep. will go to the signal at the patient’s ward But we will not be able to assess whether is more or less and the signal may drop

**When the Sleep Test is checked and found there is a problem, how should it be treated?

Dr. Kalaya said that if checked and found that there are sleep problems such as snoring or sleep apnea. stimulate the brain low oxygen saturation Estimate how many times per hour the breathlessness-apnea index Consider in conjunction with symptoms and underlying disease, for example, if it is severe, the respiratory index – respiratory arrest more than 30 breaths per hour patients with brain disease Cardiovascular, blood pressure should be treated using positive pressure air compressor. The doctor will select the mask and pressure appropriate for each individual. for patients to lie down and breathe better and sleep well
But if it is not much, such as the index of breathlessness-stop breathing 5-15 times per hour together with young patients no underlying disease There will be other treatment methods as well, such as consulting a dentist for dental equipment. which is in principle by pulling the chin and tongue protruding forward make the airway open or patients with structural problems of the upper respiratory tract such as crooked nose, large uvula, narrow pharynx, consult an ENT specialist. for proper surgery, etc.

**How ​​do we observe ourselves? If we sleep alone

Dr. Kalaya said that actually there were patients who came to see the doctor. suspected of having sleep problems from waking up every morning not feeling refreshed, sleepy, having headaches and sleeping alone May set the camera to record a video clip of yourself while sleeping that Do you have snoring? or lying awake some have choked or waking up in the middle of the night to urinate frequently Or how much sleep I’m sleepy all the time These things can be consulted with a doctor.

**In the case of waking up and feeling short of breath, heart pounding, always tired due to sleep problems or not...

Dr. Kalaya said it could be, but it could be from a respiratory disease. Both the upper respiratory tract, lung disease, or heart disease, it must be seen that there are nocturnal symptoms. Does it cause bad breath during the day? This may be related to sleep, so consult your doctor to assess if. Do I have to have a sleep test?

at the Chest Disease Institute Opened the Sleep Disease Center since 2013. At that time, there was only one sleep testing room, but now it has been expanded to 3 rooms. There is a sleep testing clinic. Sleep Test can be used for all health insurance benefits. Social Security, civil servants can check according to their rights. However, if you want to check your sleep at your own expense will be charged according to the Comptroller General’s Department, which is 7,000 baht/time, but for the positive pressure air compressor (CPAP), can be reimbursed only for civil servants and state enterprises, with 20,000 baht for reimbursement, but universal health insurance cards And social security still can’t withdraw.

**In the case of people who have difficulty sleeping and want to check If I can’t sleep, can I take sleeping pills or not…

Dr. Kalaya said that one must understand the word insomnia since the beginning of sleep is difficult. It takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep. wake up often at night When I woke up, I couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes before I was able to sleep. or waking up at least 30 minutes before the time you used to wake up and making you sleepy, tired, and tired if it happens more than 3 times a week. is insomnia. If it is more than 3 months, it is considered chronic.

It’s important to find the motivating factor, such as that person’s personality. easily stressed, sensitive ears, frequent waking up, or having triggers such as family problems, work or some behavior that we do not know but we do, such as taking a nap during the day, drinking coffee before bed lying in bed without sleep

All must be gradually improved. sleep time wake up on time should not sleep during the day Do not drink coffee after noon. Close to bed should not eat anything that stimulates the brain, alcohol, cigarettes, late night eating. causing acid reflux, difficulty sleeping, or using a blue light phone also affects sleep, i.e. should not use a smartphone half an hour before bedtime. The bedroom atmosphere will also help, such as good darkness, quiet, cool air.

A good night’s sleep, like an adult, should sleep at least 7-9 hours and should reach a deep and continuous phase of sleep. If you sleep well and wake up in the morning, you will feel refreshed. And we should get some sun Exercise will also help. But should not exercise near bedtime, at least 2 hours before bedtime. will cause body temperature to rise The autonomic nervous system is very active. will make it difficult for us to sleep

these are good sleep hygiene If it works, it can help you sleep well. But if there is a problem, it must be gradually adjusted. As for sleeping pills, you must consult a doctor. Because you have to look at the suitability of each person for each disease because some people have multiple diseases. Using sleeping pills can make joint diseases worse. But if the case is chronic for more than 3 months, group therapy may be required. Change your thinking behavior before bedtime. which must consult a doctor

Dr. Kalaya said that, however, there is no need to worry that if you come to the Sleep test, you are afraid that you will not be able to sleep. Will it waste time in the examination or not, do not worry because we have a doctor to assess whether Is it necessary to use sleeping pills? If used, it is a short-acting drug.

** If you have trouble sleeping but did not come for treatment Is it a silent threat to health?

Dr. Kalaya said that sleep is important. By people, we have to sleep for about 7-9 hours. We focus on eating. exercise having a good mood But one of the health care is sleep, which is considered very important. Whether the duration of sleep is sufficient good sleep quality

Observing whether there is snoring, respiratory arrest, waking up, and frequent nighttime urination? by asking friends or couples who sleep together or waking up feeling unrefreshed, headache, and very sleepy even though you have slept enough These are sleep problems that affect health including physical disease, mental disease, risk of cardiovascular disease, nervous system, diabetes, high blood pressure. And also risk falling asleep while driving. And there may be accidents on the road and work. If you have any such problems, you should see a sleep specialist for advice, diagnosis, sleep monitoring. and continue the correct treatment,” concluded Dr. Kanlaya.

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