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Šlechtová wants an end to Faltýnka at the head of the YES club, other respondents do not mind

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While Prime Minister Andrej Babiš called on the resignation of ANO Vice-President Faltýnka and the deputy did so with the words that it is a “symbol where he admits his mistake, even if he does not know exactly what he did”, both will leave their words of decision on Members YES.

The movement has a total of 78 deputies. The vote could take place at Tuesday’s meeting of the club, which will take place before the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies.

“I think that Mr. Faltýnek should finish and resign himself as the chairman of the parliamentary club,” Šlechtová wrote to Novinky, who, however, will not attend the meeting herself due to health reasons.

When asked by Novinky whether he would support Faltýnka, MP Patrik Nacher said that he first wanted to communicate his position to his colleagues from the club. But he suggested he could.

“One thing is the public part, which is the meeting of Minister Prymula. Here one cannot stand that it is the minister who encourages people to comply with the measures, and this appears, so confidence in it is shaken. And the second level is an internal matter, and that is the work of Mr. Faltínek at the head of the club, “he remarked about the meeting in a closed restaurant.

The chairman of the lower house, Radek Vondráček (YES), expects that the discussion will take place at Tuesday’s club meeting, but he himself will not take part in it, according to him. “It’s a club business. I’m glad that we say it quite openly there, “he told Novinky.

He added that a possible change in the head of the club would be unfortunate at this time. “In a situation where we are voting in a state of legislative emergency, we, as a club, must pull together and function. Now is not the time to swear, “added Vondráček, who had previously defended the participants in the meeting, saying that they had not actually committed any wrongdoing.

Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová (YES) is also behind Faltýnek. According to her, mainly experience is needed in the position of the head of deputies. Faltýnek has been leading the ANO club since 2013.

“He will definitely get my support, because he does a good job in the Chamber of Deputies,” Dostálová wrote to Novinka.

Little: Imagine he’s telling the truth

The vice-president of the club, Jan Volný, sees it in a similar way. “The club is its own organism, which must function in the House,” he said. “I think (Faltynek) is doing the job well. In this respect, he is as reliable as possible, “he added.

“I think that the ANO movement needs him as the chairman of the parliamentary group,” MP Taťána Malá told the News.

She described Faltynek’s explanation regarding the meeting with the minister as sufficient. “It would be nice to imagine a situation where the gentlemen might be telling the truth. I would try to imagine, for example, for two minutes that they were telling the truth, and she decided accordingly … So I will support it, “concluded Malá.

Prymula’s meeting with Faltýn took place on Wednesday at a restaurant in Vyšehrad, Prague, despite the fact that the restaurant must be closed due to anti-coronavirus measures. In addition to them, the director of the Ostrava University Hospital, Jiří Havrlant, was also to take part, and according to the Czech Television, the deputy of the General Health Insurance Company (VZP), David Šmehlík, was also present.

It turned out on Friday that the meeting took place. Because of her, Prime Minister Babiš is demanding the resignation of Minister Prymula, which he has already discussed with the president.

The opposition criticized that, unlike Prymula, who will most likely have to leave, Faltýnek did not derive any de facto responsibility by leaving the YES leadership, as he had previously announced that he would not defend this position in January.


Should Jaroslav Faltýnek, head of the YES parliamentary group, end?

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