Slavia lost another stopper. Kacharaba suffered a fracture in his face and a break awaits him

Slavic footballer Taras Kacharaba suffered a broken face in the opening match of the European Conference League group with the Union Berlin. According to Prague coach Jindřich Trpišovský, the Ukrainian defender will be out of the game for four to six weeks and then will have to wear a protective mask.

Kacharaba suffered injuries at the beginning of the second half. The left side created an opportunity for the visitors 53 minutes into the match, and Ladislav Takács wasn’t about to let it go by. The Ukrainian representative remains in the hospital.

“It was already visually visible when it was taken away from the field. The examination confirmed that it was a fracture in the face. The first assumption is four to six weeks off,” lamented coach Trpišovský.

“Then probably a game with a mask. He will still undergo some examinations. Then it depends a lot on the individual feeling of the player how the mask fits. It is more complicated for the stopper and the attacker than for the other players in the field,” the coach added.

For Slavia, this means another complication in the middle of the defense. David Zima moved to Turin, David Hovorka and Ondřej Kúdela are injured and Tomáš Holeš, who also jumped on the stopper, could not play against the Union due to a disciplinary punishment.

At the last moment, the people of Prague withdrew Ladislav Takaka, who also came to the field instead of Kacharaba in today’s match.

Trpišovský was happy that the Slavists managed the match after Kačarab’s resignation and the Union defeated 3: 1.

“I hope Taras will be back soon. I’m glad the boys made it because of him. He sacrificed himself for the team,” the coach said.



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