Slavia also caught up in the league, but lost to Ewerton. The referee made a mistake, the commission claims

Slavia got up after losing to Hradec Králové in the opening round of the Fortuna:League and defeated Trinity Zlín 4:1 at home on Sunday. In a nervous match, the Stitched lost Ewerton, who withdrew from the match after a sharp foul by Cedidla, even Ševčík and Usor did not finish the match due to injuries. The guests finished by ten after Václav Procházka was sent off and conceded two of the four goals in a weakened state.

Vršovičtí won their seventh match in a row in the league and after the opening 0:1 away loss against Hradec Králové they scored for the first time in the season of the top competition. On the other hand, “Shoemakers” did not follow up the goalless draw with Mlada Boleslaví.

Coach Slavia Trpišovský made six changes to the starting line-up compared to Thursday’s winning duel with Panathinaikos (2:0). In the fourth minute, the home striker Jurečka, after a shot from a turn from the edge of the box, rippled the side net.

Six minutes later, the team from Vršovice gained the upper hand for the first time. Ševčík found Icha from the corner kick and he gave goalkeeper Dostál no chance with his header against the post. After almost half an hour of play, the goalkeeper from Zlín dealt with Ševčík’s attack from the box.

After a while, however, the Slavists rejoiced again when Lingr found Jurašek in front of the goal with a pass from the right side. He celebrated his 22nd birthday today in style. In the setting of the opening act, Jurásk’s cross from the left found Lingra, but the shot did not fit him at all.

The visitors reduced less than four minutes after the break. Slavist stopper Santos kicked the ball wrongly, Simerský pushed it to Jawow and he corrected the score from close range. The Gambian striker scored in the Czech league for the first time since September 2020.

Immediately, Santos lost the ball again and Zlín faced a counterattack, which Chanturišvili only solved with a shot at the goalkeeper Mandous.

He didn’t see the strainer red

In the 59th minute, the visiting defender Cedidla drove sharply into Ewerton on the sideline, but to the displeasure of the Slavist bench and the home fans, he only saw a yellow card for the intervention. The Brazilian midfielder completed the match.

“Ewerton looks very bad,” said home coach Jindřich Trpišovský after the match, who said that due to injuries, he had to replace Usor and Ševčík in the match, whose injury is also said to be more serious.

“I’m disappointed that we end the match and we have three injured players. I think it’s a problem with the referees, who can’t protect them. This bothers me,” added the captain of Slavie, who even saw a yellow card for protesting from the head referee Dalibor Černý.

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