Slavi Trifonov: Where is the mistake – in Borisov, or in us?

Slavi Trifonov

The leader of the party “There is such a people” Slavi Trifonov sharply attacked former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. The reason for this was the words of the GERB leader from Slovenia, where he is at a summit of the European People’s Party, at the address of President Rumen Radev.

Here is what Trifonov wrote on Facebook:

Boyko Borissov is in Slovenia – I have no idea why he is there, and I don’t care at all. But a while ago information came out about what he said, and what he said stunned me. Regarding the deaths from coronavirus in Bulgaria today, he said the following:

“Today, 178 people have moved to a better world than Rumen Radev’s and this failure called Katsarov.”

So, for Boyko Borissov, these are not 178 human tragedies. Tragedies for the families, relatives and friends of the deceased. For Boyko Borissov, the poor people have moved to a better world, because here they have weighed the ominous weight of Rumen Radev.

Well, people – what kind of person do you have to be to say something like that ?! First, what kind of person do you have to be to think about it, and then to say it? And knowing that everyone will hear it, including the families and relatives of the deceased?

The same man offered Tsvetanov to give beef steaks to the dog that found the poor murdered girl from Pernik. Then he said again that the steaks were for the dog that found the corpse, without feeling a gram of compassion for the child’s parents, calling their child a “corpse”. Today “178 corpses”.

How does all this sound to you? Is it so good to talk, is it bad, is it political, is it right, is it acceptable, is it unacceptable, is it normal, is it abnormal, is it human?

Where is the mistake? In the person who allows himself to express himself in such a way or in us that we allow him to express himself in this way?

It would not be bad to finally answer this question.



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