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“Recently, things have become unclear in the country’s government,” Trifonov wrote on his personal Facebook profile.

“It simply came to our notice then. Yes, I know it sounds a little strange, given that “There are such people” is part of the ruling coalition, but it is a fact. It’s a ridiculous fact. ” This was written by the leader of ITN Slavi Trifonov in his personal Facebook profile.

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“Because the representatives of” We continue the change “in this cabinet neither consult their coalition partners, nor hear what they are told, nor take notes, but very often do what they want. And very often this is not good for the country at all.” Trifonov also writes.

According to Trifonov, the representatives of the PP “speak very often. without the need for topics they don’t understand. ” An example of this is the suspended gas supplies.

“The most surprising are the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev and, imagine, Lena Borislavova. Both are amazing energy experts, especially Lena. What’s worse is that they say the wrong things, such as the expected price of gas. And not only. They create false expectations “, wrote the leader of ITN.

“Where are the promises that he will shed light on one GERB scam every day?” Where are those eight billion stolen money found? “Where is the abolition of the GERB model, given that there are GERB staff in the cabinet as ministers,” Trifonov told the coalition partners from the PP.

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