Slavi Trifonov: Kiril Petkov is acting like a madman

“Kyril Petkov is acting like a madman, I saw him last night. The other Asen Vassilev, when it came to statements, announced he had BGN 75,000. What normal person believes it?” commented the leader of “There is such a people” Slavs Trifonov.

“Kyril Petkov, with whom I have spoken many times, is a liar who believes himself. He said I called him on the phone and told him” keep my billion “or something. Asen Vassilev is a liar who you looks in your eyes and lies to you, but apparently he knows that he is lying. While Kiril Petkov, while uttering the lie, after a few seconds already believes that it is true “, he also underlined in a live broadcast on the occasion of yesterday’s pre-election debate on BTV.

“The power of is at all costs. It is moral, but these people have distorted it,” he added.

Trifonov criticized the leaders of BSP and “Democratic Bulgaria” – Kornelia Ninova and Hristo Ivanov and stressed that he has a job if he is not in politics and rhetorically asked “what about them?”

“People have their concerns, I don’t,” he added.

The ITN leader also revealed how the election of the president of the 47th National Assembly took place.

“Kiril Petkov called me and asked me if I wanted Ninova to become president and I said” NO “, explained Trifonov and added that after the conversation with Petkov there was also a call from Cornelia Ninova. According to him, he wanted know why he didn’t want him to become president.

“I’m revealing part of the backstage,” Trifonov said and added that Minchev was offered to him after his refusal.

“If I hadn’t said ‘YES’ to Minchev, only one of their PPs would have remained,” explained Trifonov.

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