Skype Meet Now Feature Will Be Available on Windows 10 Home Screen

The features that have been present since last April will soon be made easier for users. Skype is expected to compete with Zoom. – During the pandemic, teleconferencing applications have become essential to carry out activities.

Starting from remote work, online learning, even to virtual family gatherings.

This condition certainly creates an explosion in the number of users of teleconferencing applications.

Zoom is one of the highest jumps from other applications.

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But who would have thought, it was felt the opposite Skype.

Even if viewed from age, Skype is a much older service than Zoom, Meets, or others.

Microsoft as a development company Skype also even developed a new teleconferencing application namely Microsoft Teams currently has a large number of users and better security features.

Nevertheless, it seems a step Microsoft that is not simply wanting to replace Skype.

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