Skujiņš, who won the second place in the Tour de France stage, was recognized as the best cyclist of the year in Latvia / Diena

The best cyclists of the year in Latvia have been determined since 2013. This year, due to the spread of the virus “Covid – 19”, the annual Latvian Cycling Federation champions’ evening will not be held, where the season’s outstanding ones were welcomed. At the same time, the tradition of determining the best cyclist of the year was maintained.

Toms Skujiņš was recognized as the best cyclist in Latvia last season. This autumn, Carnikavis proved itself perfectly in one of the biggest annual sports events in the world – the “Tour de France”. In the eighth stage of the tour, Skujiņš, who was still the champion of Latvia at that time, demonstrated excellent performance, winning the second place, which was the highest achievement in some stages among the men of “Trek – Segafredo”. At the same time, Tom made a significant contribution to teammate Richie Porta’s third place in the overall standings.

At the end of the season, Skujiņš finished 29th in the World Championship, ranking second in the prestigious race for the second year in a row. Skujiņš will also spend the next year in the US-registered world tour unit “Trek – Seagfredo”. The Latvian has been representing this unit since 2018. According to the team’s plans, Tom’s role in the unit will increase. He will increasingly serve as captain of the team. Skujiņš has also been nominated for the Ten Star Award – in the nomination Latvian Athlete of the Year. Carnikavietis took the second place in the fan vote.

Toms Skujiņš has been recognized as the best cyclist of the year in Latvia for the fourth time in his career. He previously earned this title in 2013, 2015 and 2018.

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