Skopje ready to recognize the Bulgarian origin of the Macedonians? (Overview)

Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski has announced no new talks with Bulgaria. PHOTOS: Reuters

l A dubious document should resolve the dispute between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia

l A new US State Department representative for the region wants the issue resolved immediately

A new informal document should resolve the dispute between the authorities in Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, Albanian Klan TV reported. She published two pages in English of this document, known as non-paper, which she claims are familiar to Sofia and Skopje, as well as Brussels.

Klan TV does not disclose the source from which it received the information, which is why it is viewed with skepticism. Authorities in Macedonia declined to comment, and President Stevo Pendarovski’s office said no such document had been sent from Sofia and no talks had been held for months.

The non-paper contains several points as guidelines for resolving the dispute. according to him

of Bulgaria will

be given

guarantees for

reinforcement of

the current one


for a nation state, which will recognize the historical context of the Bulgarian origin of its citizens without exception. This, as it is stated, will free Bulgaria from the trauma that its long-term stability and security will be endangered through minority rights.

The document also says that the context of a multiethnic society will be strengthened in Northern Macedonia by including the Bulgarian narrative.

It is offered

Bulgarians yes

be included

in the constitution,

as well as all

other ethnic


The associations of the Bulgarians would thus receive protection and special care from the state in order to preserve, promote and study their own aspect of the historical events, and this will be guaranteed by the constitution.

It is added that the majority of the Slavic people, who identify themselves as Macedonians and who rely on the historical context for the uniqueness of the Macedonian people, will retain the possibility of their own aspect and narrative of this common history.

This means that

will exist

the only one


the truth

derived from empirical scientific activity, which will allow a dual aspect of defining the national context and meaning for two national identities, says the non-paper. This dual system will also be applied in the education system, with a double explanation of the context of historical events, including both the Macedonian and Bulgarian narratives.

The issue of language and the use of the abbreviated name for Northern Macedonia must be resolved according to the proposals of the EU Presidencies (German, Portuguese, Slovenian), which have already been informally considered acceptable to both countries.

Stevo Pendarovski’s cabinet has announced that the president’s position on the identity and language of the Macedonian people is clear and unchanged.

nor is it


nor will it


in the future

Following the release of the document, Skopje announced that only the proposal presented during Portugal’s EU presidency was official.

“We believe that this proposal allows for solutions that are acceptable to all countries,” the government said in response to a question from MIA as to whether the new non-paper announced by Klan TV was valid.

“The Republic of Northern Macedonia remains committed to the process – in order to overcome differences with the Republic of Bulgaria, which would remove obstacles to the start of accession negotiations with the EU. This is in the interest of the citizens of both countries, and thus of the European agenda. We hope possible


to create


conditions c


in order to open an opportunity for an intensive dialogue between Skopje and Sofia to resolve the issues that caused the blocking of the EU enlargement process “, reads the response of the government in Skopje.

In June 2021



the proposal

in Portuguese


of the EU Council for a compromise between Sofia and Skopje.

At the same time, the new US State Department representative for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, who replaces the current representative Matthew Palmer, said that the issue between Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria should be resolved immediately and allow Northern Macedonia to continue. the way he worked hard to achieve results.

“I agree that this bilateral issue should not hinder the enlargement process, and I hope that

The EU will find

mechanism for

to be resolved “,

said Escobar, quoted by MIA.

At the same time, EU Special Representative for the Western Balkans and Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajcak said the blockade of RS Macedonia over the dispute with Bulgaria was having a bad effect on neighboring countries, especially Serbia and Kosovo. Lajcak and State Department spokesman Gabriel Escobar answered several questions yesterday at a conference organized by the European Policy Center.



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