Škoda is already planning an electric Octavia, but we will have to wait a few more years

One day it will have to happen: the Czech road icon Škoda Octavia will swap the TDI for electricity. To some it may seem like music from the distant future, but according to the British website Autocar, the carmaker is already planning such a car.

He refers to Klaus Zellmer, chairman of the board, who said the company is exploring the possibility of an electric Octavia, which could hit the market before 2035. Zellmer’s predecessor, Thomas Schäfer mentioned the electric Octavia two years ago with sales expected to start in the middle of the decade.

In 2035, the EU plans to introduce drastic restrictions on the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines. However, Škoda Auto aims to have 70% of its profits come from the sale of electric cars in 2030.

Cars with combustion engines in play even after 2035, but with synthetic fuels


However, Zellmer also said that the electro-octavia may not mean the end of the internal combustion engine. It can also stay on sale so that the model has a larger target group of customers. “The Octavia is a fantastic car, which of course we will have to keep in the range as long as we have such a large number of customers,” quotes the Zellmer website.

If that were to happen, there would obviously be a difference in the platforms: the conventional or plug-in hybrid Octavia would stay on the current MQB, the electric one would stand on a platform designed exclusively for electric cars. This may not be the current MEB, on which the Enyaq or Volkswagen ID is based, but perhaps the upcoming SSP platform, the Brits speculate.

Double test of Škoda Octavia with non-mainstream engines: base and electrified future


They go on to say that when the Octavia comes in electric form, it could have a range of over 600km on a single charge and allow for DC charging of up to 200kW. This is well above the values ​​offered by the current electric Volkswagens, Skoda and Cupra.

The electric Octavia will not hit the market tomorrow, however, in the fifth generation of the Octavia it is already a reality. So this marks the end of this decade; the current fourth generation Octavia still has a modernization ahead of it, which will appear in 2024, and will remain on the market for at least four years.

Škoda invests NOK 138 billion in electromobility


Before the electric Octavia, we will also see a seven-seater electric SUV, which the automaker recently announced shown in the form of the Vision 7S conceptan electric car in the small car category and a compact electric SUV.

Škoda Vision 7S conceptVideo: News

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