Škoda has 40,000 unfinished cars due to a lack of parts. The victim is mainly Octavia

The Mladá Boleslav carmaker, like other car manufacturers, is struggling with a lack of components. She is mainly bothered by the lack of chips from Malaysia.

Škoda Auto, like other world car manufacturers, is struggling with the lack of chips that are needed in the car’s on-board electronics. Due to this, Škoda cannot complete a number of cars directly on the line. The company has a maximum limit of 50,000 unfinished cars, a higher number would jeopardize the cash flow, ie the company’s cash flow and liquidity. That is why the company prefers to cancel shifts, said Jaroslav Povšík, chairman of the corporate council, to Hospodářské noviny (HN).

“We can store anything. We can always rent a field parking lot or land of air clubs. When we cross the 50,000 car mark, it starts to run into our cash flow and liquidity. That is why we prefer to omit shifts, “Povšík told HN.

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