Skip the Black Friday postponement, there is no agreement

TURIN. The hypothesis of a postponement of Black Friday was the subject of an informal discussion today between the Government and the commercial associations but the conditions for a shift forward of the date are not yet there. This is learned from government sources, who explain that the Ministries of Economy and Economic Development carried out an informal survey with the associations of traders and large-scale distribution, but a unified position of all the stakeholders was not found.

Italy had been evaluating for days the possibility of following the example of the French who have postponed the day of discounts – which has now become a long weekend – to avoid gatherings in these days with the levels of contagion still very high. The hypothesis was to find a date, perhaps even closer to Christmas, with a situation of greater control, but the agreement was not found. A new attempt in the next few hours is not excluded. Among the reasons for the non-agreement there would also be the veto of some categories linked to the fact that Amazon and other big players obviously do not foresee postponements.

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