Ski star Franziska Gritsch does not want to be vaccinated

Ski racer Franziska Gritsch from Austria announced on Instagram that she was not vaccinated against Corona and did not want to change this in the foreseeable future.

In doing so, she accepts not to take part in the upcoming races in America. Since a vaccination is required to travel to the USA, the 24-year-old has already been removed from the ÖSV squad for the races in Killington and Lake Louise.

Franziska Gritsch announces decision on Instagram

On her Instagram account, the Austrian explained, “Life leads us to crossroads where we have to make decisions. My decision is that I am currently not vaccinated, ”and added that she hoped for acceptance of her personal decision.

The reactions to her confession were very mixed. In addition to criticism of the consequences that she would accept from her decision, Gritsch also received encouragement to publicly stand up for her opinion.

Beijing Olympics in 2022 is also at risk

This makes Gritsch the first in the ÖSV association who cannot compete due to a lack of vaccination. Just a few days ago, FIS race director Peter Gerdol had told the “Tiroler Tageszeitung” that he was not aware of any athlete who could not come to America for vaccination reasons. “Only a few service men and assistant trainers are affected.”

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This may also put Gritsch’s Olympic participation in Beijing in 2022 at risk, currently a three-week quarantine after entry applies to unvaccinated people.

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How long the athlete will actually not be vaccinated is questionable – after all, a general vaccination requirement will apply in Austria from February 1st.


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