Ski, Goggia wins in Cortina in Downhill: 6th success of the season

Race almost halved with the start shifted down due to the strong wind. Sofia dominates despite some mistakes, ahead of the Austrian Siebenhofer by 20 cents and the Czech Ledecka by 28. Male Brignone, far from the podium (+ 1’18 “)

Sixth triumph of the season (17th in career) for an extraordinary Sofia Goggia, who after the bad fall last weekend in Austria, won a descent almost halved on the Tofane due to the wind, with the start shifted down. The Bergamo woman thus returns to the fight for the absolute crystal ball, also considering that Shiffrin and Vlhova were not there. At the finish in 1’06 “98, she preceded the Austrian Siebehofer by 20 cents and the Czech Ledecka by 26. But Federica Brignone was bad, far from the podium at 1’18 “(17th). For the Goggia it is the fourth downhill after those of Lake Louise on 3 and 4 December and Val d’Isère on 18 December. In between the successes in the Super-G on 5 December in Lake Louise and on 19 December always in Val d’Isère.

the race

There are 8 Italians competing: Sofia Goggia, Federica Brignone, Elena Curtoni, Francesca Marsaglia, Nadia Delago, Nicol Delago, Marta Bassino and Roberta Melesi. The Austrian Puchner opens the dance and finishes in 1’07 ”35. It is followed by the Swiss Gisin, who loses a lot in the final finishing behind her rival for 7 cents. Siebenhofer (Aut) does better, taking the lead with 17 cents ahead of her compatriot. It is then the turn of one of the very favorites, Lara Gut-Berami, who disappoints with a provisional 4th place, 48 cents from the provisional leader. With bib 7, Sofia Goggia, the leader of the downhill classification, drops: in the first split time despite a serious mistake she has an advantage of 31 hundredths, which then drops to 20. At the finish she is first with two tenths of an advantage!

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Immediately after it is the turn of Brignone. Only two cents from Goggia in the first split time, in the second there are 11 after half a miracle to remain standing. However, she pays for her mistakes and finishes seventh (furious at the finish line) at 1’18 “behind Sofia. But seeing how much she risked at that speed, the important thing is that she remained standing after getting sideways … Corine Suter is in 3rd place, 33 cents from the blue. The Norwegian Mowinckel, a potential danger for Sofia, loses a lot in the final closing at 59 cents, sixth. With the 11th there is then Nadia Delago who temporarily slips into 10th place at 1 ”24. Her older sister Nicol is the first of three Italians to go down consecutively and at the finish she accumulates 1’10 “from the Goggia, out of the top 10. Elena Curtoni follows her who finishes with exactly the same time. Marta Bassino closes the trio, but she too with 1’16 “from Sofia does not come close to the podium. The Czech Ledecka follows, perhaps the last real danger for Goggia. He chases immediately (+25 cents, +28 per second) and at the finish line is third at 26 cents. The last danger for the leader is represented by the Austrian Venier. It starts well (+21 cents per first intermediate), which however rise to 36 per second. Closes only in 18th place at 1’39 “. With the bib number 30 Francesca Marsaglia goes down: at the finish line she is 28th (+ 2’02), just in front of Bassino.

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the ranking

1. Goggia 1’06 ”98; 2. Siebenhofer (Aut) +0.20; 3. Ledecka (R.Ceca) +0.26; 4. Suter (All) +0.33; 5. Puchner (Aut) +0.37; 6. Gisin (All) +0.44; 7. Reisinger (Aut) +0.57; 8. Mowinckel (Nor) +0.59; 9. Gut-Behrami (All) +0.68; 10. Weidle (Ger) +0.81; 14. Curtoni +1 ”10; 14. Nicol Delago +1 ”10; 17.Brignone +1 ”18; 18. Nadia Delago +1 ”24; 28 Marsaglia +2 ”02.

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