18 October Notice of experimental implementation of the possibility of vocalizing holding hands during the show

every timeSKE48Thank you so much for your support.

On this occasion,SKE48at the theatre10moon18It has been decided that a trial implementation of a “voice out performance” will be held on the day of “While We Hold Hands”.

In addition to vocalizing only during the performance of the song,MCPlease refrain from talking at times.Also, wear a non-woven face mask, proof of vaccination (vaccination certificate, vaccination certificate and vaccination record) or admission3Use of samples collected the previous dayPCRThere are still many restrictions, such as the presentation of test results, etc., but we ask for your cooperation in the future for the lifting of the ban on speaking.

Please note that there is a possibility that the implementation may be canceled depending on the infection situation in the future.

10moon18Test implementation of a performance where you can talk holding hands18:30Start

* We will notify you of the cast members as soon as they are decided.

This exhibition will be held as a performance that can be voiced in accordance with the government and local governments’ new guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.

Please check the following information before applying.

■ Countermeasures for performances where vocals are allowed

admission number50%less than, front and back, left and right1Empty seats and standing area1 mEnsure the stage and audience interval2mEnsure the range of

Ventilation is done by opening the theater door. Also, there will be time for ventilation during the show.

Visitors wear non-woven cloth masks.

Visitors must have a vaccination certificate (vaccination certificate, vaccination certificate and vaccination booklet), or enter3Use of samples collected the previous dayPCRProof presentation of test results, etc.

■ Post-performance measures

Customers who came to the voice out performance on the day of the performance0how is the day5If you test positive for the new coronavirus infection within one day, please contact us at the email address below for your cooperation.

[email protected]

■ Precautions

If you do not adhere to the above, we will refuse admission.

Depending on the government, local government (Aichi Prefecture) and social conditions, the details of the operation may change in the future, so we will implement it based on the appropriately modified operation.

・ Please complete the medical questionnaire at the admission desk on the same day. The questionnaire will be delivered to you at the theater.

・ Please take your temperature before coming to the office.

・ The temperature will be measured at the entrance.37.5 If you have a temperature above 10 degrees or do not cooperate with the temperature measurement, we will refuse admission. Also, the temperature measurement will be judged by the thermometer arranged by the management, the number on the thermometer37.5If you show more than the degree, we will refuse admission regardless of the reason.

Those who do not meet the admission conditions listed below may be refused entry on the same day.

(1) before the show 2Those who have traveled overseas in the past week and are unable to prove a negative result

(2) 37.5 ℃Those who have a higher fever, those who are severely intoxicated or those who have symptoms such as cough, sluggishness, runny nose, headache, vomiting, and smell and taste disturbances.

(3) If you have a family member suspected of being infected

(4) Those who cannot keep personal information

・ At the theater you will wear a non-woven mask as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

・ Please note that personal information collected at the time of purchase may be shared with administrative agencies. .

・ New coronavirus contact confirmation app(COCOA) Please install in advance and run the app before the performance.

・ If you don’t follow the manager’s instructions, you may be asked to leave.

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