SKB CPNS Lapan is divided into 3 stages, what are they? All pages – The schedule for implementing the Field Competency Selection (SKB) has been announced starting Tuesday (18/8/2020).

One of the institutions / institutions that has announced SBK is the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan).

According to Announcement Number: 8 / KP.00.00 / 08/2020 regarding the Implementation Schedule and List of Participants for the Selection of Candidates for the Procurement of Candidates for Civil Servants of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency for Formation in 2019, SKB Lapan will be held from 1-25 September 2020.

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Later the exam consists of 3 stages, namely:

SKB 1:

  • Substance Tests Using CAT
  • Schedule: 1-21 September 2020

SKB 2:

  • Psychological Test (Online Test, Interview, and Group Discussion)
  • Batch I: 7-8 September 2020
  • Batch II: 9-10 September 2020

SKB 3:

  • Substance Interview Test with Work Units
  • Schedule: September 24-25, 2020

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About the location of SKB 1 has been listed in the announcement attachment.

Participants must bring and show:

  • Test Participant Identity Cards (the committee does not serve the printing of Test Participant Identity Cards)
  • Original KTP or population data recording certificate issued by the Department of Population and Civil Catalan (Dukcapil)
  • wooden pencil (not mechanical pencil).

Exam Participant Cards must be validated by the Selection Committee CPNS Lapan, Lapan Representative Officers at Regional Offices and BKN Technical Implementing Units, and SKB CAT Committees at Regional Offices and BKN Technical Implementing Units who are given delegation of authority.

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Dress terms:

  • Long sleeve white shirt without pattern
  • Black trousers / skirt
  • Shoes (neat and polite)
  • Plain black hijab (for those who wear hijab)

The health protocols that participants must adhere to are as follows:

  1. Selection participants are advised to carry out independent isolation starting 14 (fourteen) days before the selection process.
  2. Participants are not allowed to stop at any other place other than the selection site.
  3. Must use a mask that covers the nose and mouth to the chin. If necessary, wearing a face shield (faceshield) with the mask is recommended as additional protection.
  4. Keep paying attention to maintain a minimum distance of 1 (one) meter from other people;
  5. Maintain hand hygiene by washing hands using soap with running water and / or using a handsanitizer.
  6. Participants carry out independent storage of goods at a designated place while maintaining a minimum distance of 1 (one) meter.
  7. Selection participants with a temperature measurement> 37.3 ° C are given a special sign and take the test in a separate place (special room) and are supervised by officers who are required to wear masks and face shields (face shield).
  8. Selection participants who come from a different area from the location of the exam follow the travel protocol stipulated by the Government.
  9. Leaders and / or parents of participants are prohibited from entering and waiting inside the selection area to avoid crowds.

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SKB 2 and SKB 3

In SKB 2 and SKB 3 the test uses the Zoom Meeting and the link follows.

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The link will be sent via the message application (WhatsApp) by the committee.

SKB participants whose email address and cell phone number do not match those used at registration must inform the committee via the committee’s email:

Participants are required to prepare equipment for SKB 2 and SKB 3, in the form of a laptop with a webcam, an internet network with a 1.5 Mbps connection, a headset and microphone as well as the Zoom Meeting application.

Participants are encouraged to regularly visit the CPNS Portal and Lapan social media, to get the latest information.

Meanwhile, information on the distribution of schedules and locations for SKB Lapan participants can be accessed on the following page: SKB LAPAN 2019.

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Inforgafik: The Latest Schedule for 2019 CPNS Stages


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