sixth region of New York is ready to reopen


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo presented at his press conference a count of official indicators during the most recently reported period:

  • Total hospitalizations in the state: 5,881
  • Number of daily hospitalizations per COVID: 373
  • Deaths recorded during May 17: 106 (23 in nursing homes)

He noted that since last week, all staff attending nursing homes or nursing homes must undergo diagnostic tests twice a week.

To achieve this goal, 320,000 will be shipped this week. kits of tests to these residences.

The head of the state executive highlighted that there is already a sixth region in the state that has met the criteria for phase 1 of the reopening.

This is the region of Western New York, which may reopen from tomorrow.

Cuomo also called on professional sports teams to consider starting to play without the presence of the public in the stadiums. He explained that they will have the support of his government for this task.

In another aspect of the reopening, the Governor pointed out that, this week, judges and court personnel from 30 counties – in the north of the state – will be able to resume their work.

He reiterated that the reopening is completely linked to the established mathematical criteria and that it has no relation to political, personal, ideological or geographical aspects.

Visit the NY1 News page with our special coronavirus coverage: Coronavirus outbreak

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