Six reputable generals died in Cuba

Generals die en masse after protests in Cuba

The cause of death is indicated by the coronavirus, but political analysts suspect that the country’s leadership has staged a purge of ranks.

Six famous and influential Cuban generals died almost simultaneously. The official cause of death is indicated by the coronavirus, but many have doubts about this, reports on Friday, July 30, Today.

Six high-ranking military personnel died within 10 days, each of them is an associate of Fidel Castro and a hero of the Cuban revolution. Official Havana says they are victims of the coronavirus pandemic that is raging on the island today.

The publication collected the opinion of several political scientists on this matter, who doubted the natural death of the military.

“It is indicated that the generals fell ill with COVID-19 after a joint meeting, a general meeting that took place because of the active protests that began in Cuba,” explains political analyst Kirill Barashkov.

All the deceased were over 70 years old, and one would assume that they actually died due to the global pandemic. However, doubts arise because all Cuban security forces are vaccinated against coronavirus – the vaccine for them was purchased in the first place.

“I am more than sure that these generals were vaccinated and had access to medical support and could enjoy all the benefits of the special distributors of special clinics. The death of several well-known generals at once indicates that the political leadership, or someone who plays along with the leadership, has removed the likely fondists , those who could oppose the incumbent president, “says political analyst Vitaly Kulik.

Experts say the chair under the incumbent President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, is wobbling, and the dead generals were respected by the Cubans and could lead a military coup. Therefore, it is suspected that the president, trying to hold on to power, staged a purge of personnel, which has already happened more than once in the history of the country since the revolution of Fidel Castro.

Recall thousands of protests were held in Cuba due to shortages of food and medicine, price increases and government measures to combat coronavirus. The protesters demanded that visitors to Cuba be allowed to import food and medicine without paying customs duties. According to the United States, these protests were the largest in Cuba in almost 30 years.

It was also reported that Cuban defense minister comes under US sanctions, which were introduced under the “Magnitsky law”.

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