Situation in Vizela “has never been so serious”. Three more dead and about 500 active cases

The Câmara de Guimarães announced a reinforcement of the “importance of individual attitudes to prevent the spread of the covid-19 disease, in conjunction with various institutions, through ongoing initiatives”.

The Mayor, Domingos Bragança, insists that “direct communication with the population is one of the best weapons that we must use in an assertive way to sensitize the community to comply with all the safety rules recommended by health authorities”. Domingos Bragança warns that “everyone is responsible” and in the context of this period of uncertainties “it is essential to reach each person to have a better awareness of the importance of preventive measures”.

Through a mobile multimedia unit, alert messages and recommendations are displayed, with visits to parishes in the municipality of Guimarães. The Municipal Police is also performing on the ground in terms of prevention, in interaction with people.

Through the proposals presented by the Facilitators’ Exchange, created by the Youth Office, videos were also prepared with messages aimed at the younger population, in collaboration with the health professionals of the Nossa Senhora da Oliveira Hospital, broadcast on the channels of the Municipality of Guimarães.

In addition to all these actions, multidisciplinary teams are added, both for school support and community support.

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