“Sithem”, a character in Rogina, drained me both physically and mentally.

confirmed the artist Roginathat the series “Sitham”, shown within Egyptian series for the Ramadan season 2023, it is considered one of the most difficult dramas that I have presented, and that the embodiment of a character will exhaust her mentally, psychologically and physically.

Rogina said in a press statement that every scene in the series exhausted her physically and mentally a lot, because the character has many transformations, and was affected by her psychologically, and despite that, it is a pleasant and delicious experience, and she clung to and loved it since reading the script.

It will matter to my most difficult drama

And she considered that “Sithem” is one of the most difficult series in her artistic career, because she is always looking for the role that discovers her artistically and finds herself in it as an actress, remembering that she does not care much that the series is a group championship or an absolute championship, but what attracts her is the nature of the role, its difficulty, paper and difference.

She added that there was no scene that was not difficult for her, so the scene could be a sentence or two, but it is full of emotions that must appear on the screen with the utmost credibility and be believed and convinced by the audience, stressing that all the scenes were difficult, heavy and mentally and physically stressful because they want everyone to come out. scene differently.

Rogina continued to promote the series through her accounts on social networking sites, and wrote through her account on the “Instagram” site: “Praise and thanks be to God, you will be interested in the most searched on Google and Facebook .. Extended Lord .. Extended without number.”

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The first episodes of the series dealt with issues of inheritance, love, revenge, and tolerance, and scenes of Rogina burying her hair with her husband Amer, who was embodied by Iyad Nassar, in the grave during his funeral in front of everyone and refusing to take solace before taking revenge and taking revenge for his death, as she wore her husband’s dress and announced revenge for her husband. And search for her inheritance and enter into a conflict with her brother “Ramah”.

The heroes of the series will matter

The series stars Nancy Salah, Ahmed Al-Rafei, Muhammad Abdel-Hafez, Ibrahim Al-Samman, Bayoumi Fouad, and Salwa Othman, and it was written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman, directed by Raouf Abdulaziz.

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