“Sister so far… ”Jia Lee, the reason that surprised everyone (+video)

Actor Lee Ji-ah proved her acting ability in’Plaza of Taste’.

On the 14th, Lee Ji-ah, who is loved for the role of Shim Su-ryun in the drama’Penthouse’, appeared on SBS’Plaza of Taste’.

Lee Ji-ah showed the entertainment he had hidden by appearing in the second’Plaza of Taste’ following the Jeju side.

Below SBS’Plaza of Taste’

On this day, Jia Lee added red pepper and cheongyang pepper while grinding garlic. Seeing Lee Ji-ah, who shed tears from the spicy taste, Kim Hee-cheol said “Oh, acting as tears” and encouraged Lee Ji-a’s instant acting, saying, “It is a scene that the dead person was my daughter.”

Lee Ji-ah, who asked, “Is it what I should do? Acting in tears?”, soon surprised the viewer with her instinct, perfect emotion and facial expression acting in the role of’Penthouse’ Shim Su-ryun.

After seeing this, Kim Hee-cheol praised Lee Ji-ah’s acting ability with applause, saying, “Sister do this? What do we say?”

Naver TV, SBS’Plaza of Taste’


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