Sister Miley Cyrus was addicted to tranquilizer | Stars

entertainment">The now 22-year-old received a Xanax pill from her then boyfriend for the first time when she was eighteen. “It became something we did together. I think I wanted to fit into his lifestyle. I wanted to be what he thought was cool, and I wanted to do what I thought everyone else was doing.”

entertainment">Noah says that as a child she often found it difficult to have her family in the spotlight – her father Billy Ray is a well-known country singer and her sister Miley, seven years older, was a huge star in Disney series as a teenager. Hannah Montana† She felt a lot of pressure when she went into the music world herself. The Xanax helped suppress that, albeit only temporarily. “Once I noticed that it allowed me to forget everything for a while and ease the pain, it was soon too late and it became a dark, bottomless pit.”

entertainment">The turning point came when she lost her grandmother in the summer of 2020. “I felt so guilty that I wasn’t there for my family. I was there physically, but not emotionally. I couldn’t.” The singer sought help in the autumn of 2020 and has now been dry for a year and a half. “I wake up, can look in the mirror and start my day without hating myself. I can now take good care of myself.”

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