Sister Lang’s Sportswear Takes Taobao by Storm after ‘Ride the Wind 2023’ Appearance


2023-06-02 18:15

Sister Lang’s real duel is on Taobao.

On June 2, Hunan TV’s “Ride the Wind 2023” program was broadcast by the second public. Sister Lang Xie Na won the first place in personal favorites, and related topics rushed to the number one hot search on Weibo. The reporter noticed that the popularity of “Sister Lang Xie Na’s sportswear” has also risen rapidly on Taobao, overwhelming the third-placed “Meiyi Liya Short Jacket”, which topped the list of Taobao stars with the same style that afternoon, showing a strong personal belt. Cargo power.

Xie Na’s same style of clothing beat Meiyi Liya’s same style, and topped the list of Taobao stars with the same style

With the launch of Sister Lang’s show, dozens of sisters shined on the stage, and many stars such as Meiyi Liya, Xie Na, and Ella remained popular. From the stage costumes for the singing scene to the daily training dress, they have become Fans compete to imitate. I took a photo with Taobao and quickly locked my sister wearing the same outfit, which became a regular action for many fans of “Chasing the Wave 4”.

Li Rui is a fan of Liu Xijun for many years. “A lot of times their clothes don’t have a clear brand logo, and we can’t find them even if we try to copy homework.” This time, she found that with the Taobao camera function, she can quickly lock the same style and keep up with the outfit. The 6th hot search is also due to me.”

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It is reported that the popularity value of the same list of Taobao stars is fitted by the user’s “search popularity score + list consumption score”, and the user’s real search scale for hot products on Taobao, the growth rate of search scale, and the click-through rate of hot products , interaction rate, can directly affect the list ranking.

In other words, sister’s off-site competition for carrying goods is more genuine, and it is starting a battle on Taobao.


Taobao search “sister’s same style wardrobe” to lock the same style of Lang sister’s outfit

The reporter learned that on June 2, with the broadcast of Wave 4, Taobao also launched a special session of sister’s same style of clothing. You only need to search for “sister’s same style of wardrobe” to enter the venue and easily choose the same style of your sister’s support. Use search and order to vote for them with more “golden” “same ticket”.

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