Sisca Soewitomo details the advantages of packaged coconut milk, here it is!


JAKARTA – Indonesia is known to have a diverse culinary wealth, from food to snacks. One of the core and complementary ingredients that cannot be separated is coconut milk. Traditional snacks to the main dish of the family are incomplete without the savory and delicious taste coconut milk.

However, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the hygienic aspect is something that absolutely must be considered in the presentation of food. In addition, activities that often turn into at home require everyone to adapt quickly. One of them is by using packaged coconut milk.

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“In the past, when I was small, it was difficult to prepare coconut milk. This means we have to have our own coconut fruit, peel it, grate it, then squeeze it. On the way, it appears in the market, we buy coconut, there is a grated service. walking, want to cook anything is easy. There is coconut milk packaging that helps us, “said Indonesian Legendary Chef Sisca Soewitomo in a press conference recently.

“You need to cook a lot, buy big ones. Only for two people, buy small ones and scissors. Now more and more Indonesian women are becoming reliable cooks for their beloved families. Every mother can make lodeh, opor,” he added.

Packaged coconut milk can be used immediately, it doesn’t take long to grate and squeeze when prepared. In addition, with aseptic packaging, coconut milk will be protected from gas, light, or other substances that can damage the contents, condition and nutrition of coconut milk so it is very hygienic.

“If we look at survey results related to pandemic conditions, there have been many changes in consumer behavior due to COVID and increased hygiene awareness for consuming food products. Why is this a solution? Because packed coconut milk hygienic and easy to wear products. In terms of size, there are many different types that can be adjusted to the needs of each housewife, “explained Panji Cakrasantana, Marketing Manager of Tetra Pak Indonesia.

On the same occasion, Tetra Pak Indonesia and Kara also held “Kara Cook from Home Challenge”. This competition invites Indonesian mothers to inherit wealth culinary Nusantara uses coconut milk.

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Entering the 13th edition, this cooking competition is routinely held at the beginning of every month, namely the 1st and 16th on Instagram social media. You only need to make dishes using coconut milk as attractive as possible, then take photos and upload your dishes on Instagram.

“There are many recipes themselves and legacies of participating in this competition. The competition is simple, photos, hashtags, and get a certificate. Until now there have been hundreds of winners. This is an appreciation of support for mothers giving their best for the family. All types of food can have a chance to win, “said Brand Manager of PT Kara Santan Pertama Kenedy Hermawan.



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