Sippel becomes sporting director of the Bundesliga referees

The DFB is reorganizing the Referee GmbH, which was spun off in January 2022. The three professional leagues receive sporting directors.

The Referee GmbH, which was spun off from the German Football Association (DFB), is expanding its management team. As the DFB announced, will Peter Sippel will in future act as sporting director of the 1st Bundesliga. The congruent task in the 2nd Bundesliga takes over Rainer Werthmannfor the 3rd division Florian Meyer appointed.

Cheerful remains referee boss

Also became Jan-Hendrik Salver appointed head of assistant referees, Jochen Drees is responsible for the video assistants and technologies division. The management in the “Sport and Communication” department had previously been involved Lutz Michael Froehlich already taken over by the longstanding sporting director of the elite referees.

The aim of the sporting director model was “to have a contact person for every league for all questions relating to the further development of the referees and current events on the match days,” said Fröhlich. It’s about “facing the growing and changing challenges and preparing the Bundesliga referee team for the future,” added Sippel.

DFB Schiri GmbH was spun off on January 1, 2022. (sid)

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