Single rooms, cuddles at will … Luxury cat hotels make babies

The Georges Cat hotel for felines in Vertou, near Nantes – J. Urbach/ 20 Minutes

  • The Georges Cat feline hotel recently opened in Vertou near Nantes.
  • A type of childcare that has been developing for several years with cat owners who are no longer afraid to “invest emotionally and financially”

The residents of the day are called Georges, Léon or Stella, but are a little hairier than the customers that we meet in a classic hotel … For a few weeks, the cats of the Nantes agglomeration have also had their palace, where they can stay when their “humans” are away. Located in a large warehouse in Vertou, just off the ring road, the
Georges Cat presents itself as a “luxury hotel for cats”: “We have thirty single rooms with glass doors,” explains Maggy Daunas, the manager. The goal is to recreate a small apartment of 3 to 4m2 so that the cat feels at home. Everyone is fed there twice a day and has their own bowls, shelves, scratching posts and a “toilet” corner.

Here, no smell of litter and no cage on the horizon. The decor is neat and the armchairs, even if they are intended to be lacerated, are brand new. In the center, a tabby feline climbs a masterful cat tree several meters high. “In summer, they will be able to enjoy the fully secure terrace,” continues the manager of the premises, veterinary assistant. If cats are sociable, they have fun together. Otherwise, I make sure to alternate. The advantage is that I adapt to their character. “

Maggy Daunas and her cat Georges – J. Urbach / 20 Minutes

Luxury has a price

With owners ever more attentive to their pets, this type of establishment has flourished throughout France for several years. If the Georges Cat is not yet full, especially due to confinement, the Parisian hotel
Aristide, one of the first to launch in 2014, is drowning in demand. “People are ready to travel 100 km to give us their cat,” smiles Gauthier Berdeaux, at the head of a team of five. For the summer or Christmas holidays, we are full a year in advance, in particular thanks to the regulars. In recent years, having a cat in an apartment has become cool. It is socially accepted to talk about it, and owners are no longer afraid to invest emotionally and financially. “

Because obviously, having your cat kept in this type of structure, rather than giving your keys to the neighbor or choosing a more traditional boarding house, represents a budget: between 37 and 45 euros for a single room at Aristide’s, with a welcome treat, full board and cuddles at will. In Bordeaux, at Harmony Cat, count 24 euros per day, a price to which you can add options, such as an anti-flea pipette or a ration of catnip. “The most requested service is sending news,” explains Christel Borderie, the manager. I regularly send photos with a little text. This is important for our customers, who far from being only CSP +, above all seek the possibility of leaving with peace of mind. “

The Aristide cat hotel is located in Paris
The hotel for cats Aristide is located in Paris – Riccardo Milani

A hello via Whatsapp

In Nantes, Manon was relieved to be able to say hello via Whatsapp to her little Berlioz, who she greatly missed on Christmas Eve. The young woman, who adopted her cat during confinement did not hesitate to spend 125 euros for the five days of accommodation at the Georges Cat. “I was really afraid that he would feel bad without me, it must be said that I hardly ever parted with it,” says this resident of the island of Nantes, working from home. In the end, it went really well for him, and especially for me who was very stressed! “

Soon, the Nantes hotel will receive a cat whose owners are organizing their move. It is also possible to leave Mistigri for a “convalescent stay”. “In case of a special diet, I can even cook,” warns Maggy Daumas. I don’t have to worry about baking beans! “



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