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Original title: The sound source of Wang Yibo’s new song “Xiwei” is online Kuwo Music

“If you haven’t waited until you return, begging to love you again in twenty years is no regrets.” On December 8, Wang Yibo sang the episode of the TV series “You Fei” “Xi Wei” officially launched Kuwo Music, which is highly recognizable The youthful tone of the genre expresses the tactful and deep emotions of the sons and daughters of the rivers and lakes, which makes the thousands of Kuwo music netizens who have already made an appointment and waited to listen to it very happy.

The costumed martial arts drama “You Fei” starring Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying and directed by Wu Jinyuan is based on Priest’s novel “There are Bandits”. It is based on the common experience of Zhou Fei, who has just entered the rivers and lakes and grew up, and the unruly Xie Yun, and tells a new generation of rivers and lakes. The legendary story of a heroic boy. Xie Yun, starring Wang Yibo, is the former king of the dynasty and the orphan of the prince. His appearance is handsome and clear, he is superb and humorous. However, he does not take the usual path, and he has a black belly and tongue that signifies new and innovative ideas.

But the episode “Xiwei” sung by Wang Yibo is quite different from the protagonist. The melody of the song is clear and graceful, the meaning of the word is ancient, and the romantic guitar playing is combined with the melodious flute and flute, creating a unique poetry and chic in the Feijiang Lake. Its melody is slowly advancing, and its singing step by step, reflecting the most true and pure emotions It expresses the affectionate confession of “worried about thousands of years” Xie Yun to “little beauty” Zhou Feiwan.

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The fans who were waiting hard for the appointment were also fascinated, and left a message “support Yiwangbo, look forward to Youfei and Xie Yun”!

Wang Yibo, a popular male singer and actor in Mainland China, debuted as a member of the UNIQ group in 2014. With years of hard work and outstanding talent, he has been full of reputation along the way: he won the Best Newcomer Award in the Mainland of the Year at the Cool Music Asia Festival, International-K, USA Music Awards Best Choreographer Award, the 17th Music Billboard Annual Festival Idol New Power Award, Asia Influence Festival Best New Actor Award. In 2019, he was selected into Forbes China‘s 30 Under 30 Elites. In the same year, he also won the Audience Favorite Actor Award of the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards.

Live up to the youth’s spirit, fight for love this whole life Treasure Boy starred in Xie Yun, the young knight in “You Fei”, and at the same time sang the episode OST “Xiwei”, which was also supported by Wang Yibo’s iron fans. The Kuwo Music reservation channel was opened for 2 hours, and 120,000 fans got an appointment with FireWire. The voice of “Moto Sister supports Wang Yibo” “repeated” through the Kuwo Music comment area, showing the support for idols.

“Although I experienced the darkness before sunrise, the light still moving towards the sky suddenly shattered and blurred.” The TV series “You Fei” has not yet been released, and the first single of the soundtrack Wang Yibo “Xi Wei” has been launched on Kuwo Music, Treasure Boys What kind of emotional world do you have, and what kind of tactful, pure and free and easy romance has been created? Why not log in to search for “Wang Yibo” in Kuwo Music to listen carefully.

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