Singer Valeria appeared without a skirt and excited the Russians

Singer Valeria posted on Instagram a photo in which she appeared in a black body, a black and translucent cape shirt and black boots. “Images from the set” – the artist signed the frame, accompanying him with several tags, among which one sounded like “the older the woman, the shorter the skirt”. Valeria, recall, 51 years.

Some users noted that in this frame Valeria can be confused with her daughter Anna. Others believe that such slender legs can not be hidden, and the skirt would be even superfluous.

Critical points of view were also expressed. Who compared Valeria with another singer – Assumption Love. However, listening to haters does not make sense, fans of their idol called. “You are beautiful and the figure is what you need! Why not show it, ”wrote one user.

In general, the topic of body demonstration is heard more and more often in pop culture. Some singers are periodically accused of increasing their fame through regular exposure on the Internet. However, this does not apply to Valeria. “And I believe that if a frank outfit on a woman looks aesthetically pleasing, then it does not matter how old the owner of this beautiful figure is,” the Russians are sure.


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