Singer Sofía Reyes accepts special invitation from Canelo Álvarez

Photo: Singer Sofía Reyes accepts a special invitation from Canelo Álvarez / Reference

Sofia Reyes admits that he doesn’t know much about boxing, but he assures that it was the faithful companion of his dad to see your favorite fightsso you won’t be scared when you have to step into the ring in a few days. He will not do it to face a rival, but to represent his country by singing the Mexican national anthem.

La iThe interpreter will be in charge of singing the hymn in the expected fight of his compatriot Saúl El Canelo Álvarez on December 19 in San Antonio, TX, marking the young man’s return boxer to the ring after almost two years of absence.

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“I love that it’s going to be the first time I’ve seen a [pelea] Live! I feel very grateful. Sing the Mexican national anthem, representing my country, it makes me skinny [de gallina]”The singer commented excitedly to People en Español. “It is something very important to me.”

Therefore you are following a strict routine, taking care of your voice, resting and, of course, studying the theme that artists such as Ana Bárbara, Vicente Fernández, Julio Preciado and Cristian Nodal have performed in similar circumstances.

“I feel responsibility and for that I’m going to do my best. What an honor! ”, He expressed.

Although it has been a year of many personal challenges due to the pandemic, the singer has no complaints, since on a professional level she achieved goals such as launching the song TickTock with Thalía and Farina, Goofy Pt2 with De La Ghetto and Mischatt and the Latin version of the legendary Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside.

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Sing the Mexican national anthem

“The truth [soy] very blessed. I had the gift of being able to continue my career, of being healthy, of campaigning, of create and share music, to enjoy my house and my new studio. To know me more, ”he said. “I am very lucky and I hope I always have the strength to be able to be there for others, especially on difficult days.”

This year has definitely been one of learning for sofia, who has been forced to be away from her family due to the pandemic.

“No [la] I have seen almost a year and [la] I miss a lot, “he commented. “[Aprendí] that everything is in the internal work. Everything starts there, so I learned that it is very important to listen to me and give me my space. Spend more time with me, meditating and praying. That I have to be well first to be able to be for others ”.


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  1. Please someone tell me who sang the American National anthem at the most recent Alvarez fight this last weekend 2021

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