Singer Rain Denies Allegations of 8.5 Billion Won Real Estate Fraud

Rain accused of 8.5 billion won real estate fraud
Strongly denying “completely false information

▲ Singer and actor Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon) was accused of real estate fraud worth 8.5 billion won, and Rain’s side refuted the accusation, saying, “It is a completely false fact.” Seoul Newspaper DB While singer and actor Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon) was accused of real estate fraud worth 8.5 billion won, Rain’s side refuted the accusation, calling it “completely false.”

Previously, on the 25th, a YouTuber uploaded a video titled “The reason why singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) was sued for false real estate listing fraud (accused of 8.5 billion won fraud)” and conveyed the position of informant A, who claimed to be a victim of fraud.

Mr. A made a deal to sell his building in Namyang New Town, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, and Rain’s home in Itaewon, Seoul, to each other.

When Mr. A announced his intention to visit Rain’s home, Rain refused, citing concerns about invasion of privacy, and claimed that the building he checked after signing the contract was completely different from the photo shown by the real estate brokerage company.

The YouTuber also added Rain’s position. Rain said, “It is true that the buyer was reluctant to show the house when he asked. “This was because it was not long after Kim Tae-hee gave birth,” she said. “Afterwards, she expressed her intention to show her house to a real estate agent.” There is also evidence to prove it. In fact, Jeong Ji-hoon’s father showed the house to the buyer’s wife twice. “We could not confirm the details of sending false listing photos,” he said.

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When Rain’s position was conveyed to Mr. A’s side, the wife expressed her resentment, saying, “I’ve never seen it before.” ▲ Singer Rain. Provided by MBC Mr. A submitted a complaint against Rain to the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul last month.

As this information spread, Rain Company, Rain’s agency, posted a statement on its official account and began to explain.

The agency countered, saying, “This is nothing more than an excessive amount of fault-finding just because the seller is a celebrity. Even from common sense perspective, it is absurd to say that a house worth several billion won was purchased just by looking at the photos.”

He continued, “The buyer’s claim is not correct even if you just look at the register or building ledger provided or confirmed when buying or selling real estate, and you can confirm it just by looking at the exterior of the house from the outside. “You can see the exterior just by looking at the address on the Internet,” he added.

He also said, “We have a lot of evidence that the buyer’s claims are not true. “If the buyer files a complaint with false facts, we will submit this as evidence in accordance with legal procedures,” he said.

He added, “The facts of this case are very clear, and the buyer’s claims are completely divorced from common sense and reality.” He added, “We will take strong legal action against those who take advantage of the fact that they are celebrities to engage in such acts.”

According to the industry, Rain and Kim Tae-hee sold their house in Itaewon-dong, Seoul for 8.5 billion won early last year. It has been six years since Rain bought this house for 5.3 billion won in 2016. A profit of 3.2 billion won was recorded. It is a building with one underground floor and two floors above ground, with a total floor area of ​​approximately 330㎡.

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Previously, the couple complained of an invasion of privacy. In October 2020, Rain released CCTV in front of the house and warned, “The number of people ringing the doorbell and shouting is increasing,” and “Please stop visiting the house.”

Then, early this year, B, a woman in her 40s, was booked on charges of violating the stalking punishment law. He is accused of going to her couple’s house and ringing her doorbell several times.

Reporter Kim Chae-hyun

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