Singer Hana Zagorová (75): Three broken vertebrae!

It is not clear whether the vertebrae are broken as a result of the September collapse and fall, or whether it is a new injury. “When Hanka and I were filming New Year’s Eve in Kavčí hory ten days ago, she complained about my back pain. She probably didn’t know she had broken vertebrae that caused the pain, “ said Aha! bandleader Dvořák (57), whose Boom! Band accompanies the singers in the New Year’s Eve show. “All I know is that a long time ago the vertebra was bitten and he sometimes made a mistake. I don’t know what is causing this unpleasant injury, but I don’t know.” Dvořák continued, stating that Hanka probably didn’t know either.

Producer Michal Kocourek: How did Zagorová react to the fact that there would be a musical about her?

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It would take peace

And because the broken vertebrae cannot be treated with anything other than bed rest and patience, Hanka is apparently completely out of service for some time. However, she was unable to cancel the promised shooting of the video for the new Christmas duet by Mark Ztracený (36). “I suffer terribly, but really only because of the fresh Czech nightingale Mark Ztracený. I have three vertebrae broken, so it’s great. I should lie in bed. If the professors see me, they will be really angry, “ she said in an interview with Showtime Zagorová. The duet of Hanka and Mark will premiere symbolically now, on the first Sunday of Advent, November 28.

Will it be Lantern?

Hance was already having trouble breathing like this because of the postcovide syndrome, and the broken vertebrae, of course, exacerbated the problem. Fortunately, she didn’t have to sing while shooting the clip, thus straining her lungs. But what will happen to Hanča’s Christmas Lantern, which she is supposed to have on December 16, is in the stars. So far, the singer has canceled all previous concerts, and in addition: the current government regulation allows only 1,000 seated guests …

Arthur’s decision on his deceased mother! And Zagor’s suffering for the rest of his life

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