Singer Fiersa Besari Survives Near-Fatal Car Accident on His Way to Makassar


Bad news came from the singer Fiersa Besari. Fiersa Besari had an accident because the car he was driving almost fell into a ravine.

The news was shared by Fiersa Besari through his Instagram account. Fiersa Besari is on his way to Makassar.

“From Bone to Makassar, the driver seemed to have overslept. He hit a rock. But luckily there was a rock. In front of a ravine. It just happened,” wrote Fiersa Besari in Instagram Story on Sunday (4/6/2023).

The silver car was damaged on the side. Fiersa Besari finally clarified his condition.

“Alhamdulillah, it’s still fine. If it’s called severe, it’s not bad, thank God, thank God, everyone arrived safely to Jakarta. But, maybe I’ll just tell you the chronology,” said Fiersa Besari.

Fiersa Besari told him and his team that Saturday (3/6/2023) had just performed at Bone. Today, Fiersa Besari has to perform at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2023, so he catches an early flight.

“From Bone to Makassar you have to drive by road,” he said.

Fiersa and the team made a midnight trip to Makassar. At that time Fiersa and the team had to catch an early morning flight.

“It’s the middle of the night, the driver is sleepy, don’t scold him. It’s natural that he’s tired, we’re all asleep, only the driver and my friend in front woke up. He was the last to sleep, it seems the driver fell asleep too. It seemed like he hit a rock, hard really we all got up in the back until we screamed,” explained Fiersa Besari.

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“But thank God, fortunately there was that rock. According to the statement that in front of us, it was already a ravine, it was really dark. If there were no stones, our fate would have been different. Thank God, we are still safe,” he said.

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