Singer Elina Gluzunova has found her crown of pearls

Crown master Judīte creates personalized crowns – they are created with a specific person or event in mind. And they are also given names. She reveals that her favorite crown is the one made in honor of Judita’s firstborn. However, crowns are made not only for relatives and friends – they are also made in master classes, where, by the way, not only women make them. In Judita’s collection there is a crown created by around 80 representatives of women and men, as well as children.

The winner of “Xfaktor”, singer Elina Gluzunova, also got her crown two years ago. She believes that every woman needs her own crown.

Elina Gluzunova

“Xfaktors” winner, singer

“The moment you look in the mirror and you’ve put something in your head to call your own, it’s such an indescribable feeling. A woman instantly exudes femininity, her posture literally spills out and her eyes start to sparkle.”

And seeing her mother’s head ornament, Elina’s eldest offspring – daughter Anabella – also wanted the crown and got it. Elina reveals that her daughter got the crown on her birthday because she wanted to be a princess. The daughter still does not really understand the essence of the crown, but Elina believes that it is not important if the crown makes her daughter feel good.

Ligo festival is one of Judith’s favorite holidays. Judīte likes to take a bath in the open air both during the holidays and before and after them. That’s why the “BezTabu” team is also trying it.

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