Singer Chris Martin has a lung infection – Coldplay postpone concerts in Brazil – VG

FRONT PICTURE: Chris Martin and Coldplay on stage in Bogota, Colombia on September 16.

Coldplay have to take an involuntary break for three weeks. Concerts in Brazil have been postponed to next year.


Updated only now

On Saturday 29 October, a Coldplay concert will be screened in thousands of cinemas around the world, including five Norwegians.

In other words, this date is just a few days after Chris Martin’s sick leave ended (45).

The rock band signs up Twitter that it is with a heavy heart that they are forced to postpone concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Due to a severe lung infection, Chris was strictly instructed by the doctor to rest for the next three weeks.», Reads the message, published on Tuesday evening.

To all those in Brazil who have been looking forward to these concerts, we would like to say that we are very sorry to have to disappoint you – and for all that that entails. We are grateful that you understand that we must prioritize Chris’s health during this difficult time»Writes Coldplay.

They add that they are optimistic and are confident that they can return to the stage and resume the concert after three weeks.

It will broadcast a concert from Argentina

The famous Brits are on their way with their “Music of the Spheres” world tour. The starting pitch went in March.

This summer he got it a pair of Norwegian brothers presenting Coldplay at Wembley in London:

The concert, which will be shown in Norwegian cinemas later this month, will be held at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is not broadcast live, but recorded and sent to the cinema only a few hours later.

In Norway it will be possible to attend the concert at the Colosseum cinema in Oslo, Odeon in Oslo, Lagunen cinema in Bergen, Drammen cinema, Kilden cinema in Tønsberg and Halden cinema.

The first concert scheduled after the sick leave is in Argentina on 25 October, four days before the “film concert”.

Coldplay will embark on a European tour in May next year. Among other things, Sweden and Denmark will be visited in July. Norway is not on the poster.

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