Singer Alžběta Kolečkářová is pregnant!

Not so long ago, the SuperStar finalist boasted how she managed to lose a lot of weight. But now he would have to say goodbye to his slender figure for a few months. She announced her second pregnancy on social networks.

She and her boyfriend are raising their two-year-old son, Louise. Whether her second offspring will be a boy or a girl will be a surprise to her. He does not know the sex of the baby yet.

“A lot has happened this year. This strange year has brought me a lot of energy and enthusiasm from my work, but also a lot of downfalls. We have had some dates booked there for more than a year, “Elizabeth revealed, not hiding mixed feelings. “The safety of the people is of course the most important thing, but sometimes these measures border me with political propaganda. I personally do not give up and I believe that I will play somewhere before my maternity leave before the end of the year,” she added.

And what about weight loss? “This year has brought a lot of twists and turns. As soon as we managed to put a new band on our feet, the organizers started to disrupt events. And so it is with my weight loss. “It’s supposed to be, everything is happening for a reason. And I’m very happy that there will be four of us in the spring,” the young singer concludes with a smile.

Although Alžběta performed only minimally during the summer, she certainly did not lose her work and recorded a new song Hallucination in the production of Artur Ország. It became a soundtrack to the short film Bludy, directed by Kari Ovi and Ayakamon TV, with which its creators competed as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. In the coming days, Elizabeth will release a video for the new single.

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