Since these 2 people refuse to pay baggage fees, all passengers on the plane have to get off

DENVER, – All airplane passengers Frontier Airlines Tuesday (11/22/2022) route Denver to Dallas at United States of America (USA) had to get off, because two people were reluctant to pay additional baggage fees.

The two people also boarded the plane without boarding pass right, then yelled at the crew who tried to stop them, according to eyewitnesses quoted by New York Post.

“We are tired!” said one of the two people, according to a video posted on Instagram.

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They allegedly boarded the plane secretly to avoid extra baggage fees, then refused to disembark during the hectic Thanksgiving trip, a passenger with an Instagram account @nikki__le told New York Post.

All other passengers were then asked to get off the plane so that law enforcement could take action against the two offenders.

“This couple ran off and checked the measurements and scans of the bag boarding pass. Refused to get off the plane,” she said. “The police arrived after we got off the plane and escorted them away… They were placed on a no-fly list.”

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Video of the altercation shows an airline employee telling the couple, “You guys have to get out or we have to get everyone off the plane.”

One of them replied: “We are tired! We flew 20 hours on our money. You have no idea what we’ve been through.”

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He added: “We paid for our tickets like all of you. We pay like all of you. I’m not getting off the plane.”

It is not known where the couple is embarked or headed. The video was first uploaded to TikTok but was later deleted.

Frontier Airlines has not yet responded to requests for comment New York Post Friday (11/25/2022).

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