Simply play out clips from longer videos for YouTube Shorts

In order to secure more content for its YouTube Shorts while making it easier for its creators to find more viewers through the shorts section, YouTube is introducing a new feature. Small sequences from your own, longer YouTube videos can now be played out for the shorts section in the mobile app on iOS and Android.

These new, short clips – on iOS they can be up to 60 seconds long, on Android initially only 15s – link to the longer original video and thus offer the possibility of reaching a larger audience as “promotional clips”.

Play youtube_shorts_2
New option in the YouTube mobile app
Of course, it is not guaranteed that this will also lead to more views in practice, because the YouTube shorts – created as a response to TikTok – offer many small video tidbits that line up seamlessly and offer to scroll through. A form of presentation that, as is well known, can develop a considerable attraction and does not necessarily encourage further clicking. By the way, the typical shorts videos are not very pompous, and you should also keep in mind that most shorts are created in portrait format and are mainly viewed on smartphones.

Other than the option to use the audio from any YouTube video for a short (if no opt-out was made), this new option to play video snippets is only available to creators of the original videos.

Play youtube_shorts

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