“Simone Inzaghi reflects on Inter’s Champions League Qualification and Preparing for the Final Against Manchester City”

Lots of sparks, some thrills, but in the end your Inter crossed the finish line of qualifying for the Champions League, also settling the second issue of this season finale. This is the first comment from the Nerazzurri coach Simone Inzaghi to the microphones of Sky Sports:

Champions goal achieved, how satisfied are you after also winning the Italian Cup? How much credit do you get?

“I’m very satisfied, happy. I congratulated the group because tonight was the most important match of these 18 games in 57 days. We had to prepare Atalanta in two days, on Thursday I let the boys go home because they were very tired after the final, we returned at half past five. We listened little and worked a lot, I’m satisfied”.

From today have you prepared the match against City with high aggression?

“Now we have to rest, we have spent a lot and we have to be good at recovering energy and some injuries. Tonight D’Ambrosio had some little problems, but these are normal things; we hope to have these guys available for the final”.

Are you hoping for Skriniar in Istanbul?

“Next week he will start working in groups, let’s see”.

Lukaku is playing with a strength that no one recognized until recently. Is the hierarchy changing for the final?

“There are two weeks left, choices will be made for the good of the team. Lautaro, Lukaku and Dzeko took turns in these matches, as we did for the other elements. We did an excellent job as a staff, then the commitment of the boys was commendable”.

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What did you ask your analysts about Manchester City? Any classic player or movement?

“They are the strongest team in the world, they will start as favourites. But we have put everything into this final and we will play it with a lot of confidence. There are 23-24 players, one really stronger than the other, but we are starting to prepare for it. But first there was this match which was the most important of these finals for our club, if we think about where we were seven games ago we made a great comeback which brought us to the Champions League with just one week”.

What brought you Onana?

“He is a great goalkeeper, who tried to impose himself every day when he arrived. He is sharing the role with Handanovic who is proving to still be a great goalkeeper as he testified on Wednesday. Andre is a great goalkeeper and a great boy, I knew; he’s a player with great experience and a great man, who has never had a wrong attitude. When he rested he didn’t bat an eye even though he might want to play, working as he always has to do.”


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