Simone Inzaghi, his wife Gaia breaks the silence: “We are positive”

He did not hesitate to make public what could remain private, in the hope of not feeding unpredictable hyperbole and indiscretions. And he chose to rely on a story about Instagram in which he made known, official, what hitherto suspected: the coach of the Lazio, Simone Inzaghi, and his family are positive to the Covid.

To break that protection that enveloped the identity of the technician was Gaia Lucariello, businesswoman and wife of Inzaghi as well as mother of two of her three children (Tommaso, the eldest was born from the relationship had by the former football player with the host Alessia Marcuzzi).

“Hello everyone … we wanted to tell you that unfortunately our whole family after a swab done at home tested positive for coronavirus! We are fine and in isolation as per protocol. A hug! ”He wrote Gaia.

Inzaghi: training skipped and renewal postponed

The will of Gaia and her husband Simone was to not allow distorted versions to circulate on the delicate moment they are going through: April 7th Inzaghi he did not direct the training of the Lazio and the note from the club, which did not quote him directly, certainly did not quell the questions about his absence, on the contrary.

“SS Lazio announces that it has learned from a member of the technical staff that he tested positive for Covid-19, following a private exam he underwent together with some members of his family.

The club, to the extent of its competence, has already implemented all the measures provided for the protection of its members ”, the text of the club’s press release.

Hence, probably, the decision of the entrepreneur to clarify: for the Biancoceleste technician all postponed, renewal including.

The marriage between Simone Inzaghi and Gaia Lucariello

So it also starts for Inzaghi and his family the period of isolation and monitoring: in addition to Gaia, with them live two children born from their union sealed by marriage, which took place in 2018 after eight years of engagement.

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Once again, in such a delicate phase, the support and determination of Gaia (entrepreneur in the fashion world and become known above all for saving a child at sea in 2017) have proved to be of extraordinary support.

VIRGILIO SPORT | 08-04-2021 09:50


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