Simona Ventura: «Influencers like Ferragni new stars? TV is something else “

Between the end of the 90s and the early 2000s, every Simona Ventura project became a success, everything she wore was copied, every detail of her private life spied on. Between the late nineties and early 2000s, Simona Ventura was Chiara Ferragni. “In fact we have many things in common”, smiles the presenter, who also gladly agreed to interview the influencer in the tribute evening that Rai2 dedicates to her on Monday, “Fenomeno Ferragni”.

How do you describe what will air?
«An experiment. When the director Ludovico Di Meo proposed it to me, I immediately sensed the potential. I have always managed to anticipate a bit the public’s taste and I am convinced that now it is directed towards new things, such as event evenings. I’m curious enough to understand what impact Chiara Ferragni can have on generalist TV. In general, we know well that social networks do not move one iota in terms of television listening ».

Do you like the idea of ​​testing?
“I am increasingly becoming a pioneer of new programs, and, reasoning, that’s exactly what I want to do. In my career I have tried everything, I managed to pass a type of management that was not there before, I was able to choose my programs, from Never saying goals, to Hyenas up to Quelli che il calcio or X Factor: they all had need to run in and all have entered the history of TV. More than a presenter, I feel like a conductor ».

In those years he was the undisputed queen of TV, Supersimo …
«There was a certain attention, precisely because I had a different way of understanding TV, I think. There was little space to show one’s life if not through broadcasts and I really led a lot. I believed in light TV, in the moment of escape … for some too much, yet I have always put myself on the other side: I liked all the programs I conducted, in the sense that I would have watched them also as a spectator ».

Reality including?
“The real tragedy of reality shows is that personality has been lost in the conduct. For me, the presenter of that type of format must have a very instinctive, passionate approach. This is why I like Alfonso Signorini very much, you can see he loves his program ».

The interviews have always been his signature. Would you like this special to become a series?
“Very. In my interviews I always did a thorough job on the guests, which is why they came willingly and for free. So if this experiment were to become a series I would be happy. For now, however, there is a prime time scheduled which will be broadcast in spring, again on Rai2. It will be one of those programs in which the host counts, with a series of very particular games in which the personality has to come out, not like in many shows now, in which whether the presenter is there or not there changes little. I like sewing broadcasts on me ».

Do you feel that the role of the conductor has changed over time?
«We are suffering a bit, but I am convinced that the driver’s centrality is about to return. As I think some programs would not be as successful if they were run by others. In general, for some time I sensed the changes that were about to revolutionize everything, so in 2009 I created my web TV. I sensed that there was a huge silent mass that wanted to see more, not just what was on TV. Things that had more to do with behind the scenes, and so Ventura TV was born, the first in Italy ».

Today the stars come from the web.
«True, the real dictatorship in the world is the digital one. But it is also true that if a television tends to have a following on social media, most of the influencers are not able to work on TV. At the moment the TV does not need the web. For me, social networks are a bit like a page in a newspaper: every day I do mine. But knowing how to be on video is another thing. The conductor, even if pushed to the limits, if he knows how to do his job is still very important, even when you want to think that one is worth one ».

Have you ever felt on your skin the feeling of one is worth one?
“Yes, it happened. But today I am extremely peaceful. I have my own production company, I have formats broadcast on Discovery, one that has been accepted by Amazon, I do things for Rai … I’m not one who waits for the phone call. Then all the good things that have happened in my career remain: until proven otherwise I have done everything possible on television. It is a great privilege that combined with the affection of the public, which I have never lacked, makes me feel really calm. And, combination, since I have this mental form the proposals are flooding ».

Would you like to remake some of your cult shows?
“I’m not someone who looks to the past, which is why even if it happens, I would do it in a completely different way. Which, in fact, would make them new transmissions. Which are the ones I really want to do ».

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