Simona Bimbi disappeared, the 46-year-old kindergarten teacher vanished in the Pisan area

PISA – Leaving home and vanished into thin air. Not on a cold and tragic night like that of Roberta Ragusa (with whom he shares ages and places, the province of Pisa), but on a sunny morning of August 18 after greeting the two daughters with a smile. Simona Bimbi, 46 years old, a nursery school teacher living in Forcoli (Pisa) at 9 am on Tuesday gets into her white Hyundai i10 with license plate FE075LJ and disappears. With s he has the bag with the documents and the mobile phone that rings for days without an answer.

an inexplicable yellow. Because the teacher Simona, as her daughters, relatives and friends tell us, was serene, calm, apparently she had no serious physical or psychological problems. Although the recent separation with her husband had proved it as well as the Covid emergency. He managed a private kindergarten with other teachers, the Ape Maya in Lari (Pisa) and after the closure due to the coronavirus he was working to organize the reopening. When she left the house, she did it every morning, she didn’t tell her daughters where she was going.

Investigators have two tracks. The first is that of a camera that records her in Rosa di Terricciola, a town not far from home; the second, on the other hand, the signal from a Tim repeater hooking up his mobile phone in the Pisano area. The research, coordinated by the prefecture of Pisa, began on Thursday. Squads of carabinieri, police, firefighters, civil protection, personnel of the Misericordia di Forcoli are involved. The prefecture also released a note with a description of the woman: 1.65 tall, weighing around 85 kilos, short blond curly hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Wear a light shirt and definitely light pink New Balance sneakers. On her wrist she has a watch with a red rubber strap, on the other arm a bracelet with charms and another bracelet. Around the neck a necklace with a long pendant representing the tree of life. With s also clear bag with drawings of pink butterflies.

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