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Simon Keizer shares images giving birth to Annemarie

The video shows how Annemarie and Simon are getting ready to go to the hospital. On Monday evening Annemarie is already three centimeters dilated and the plan is therefore to go to the hospital in Hoorn the next day.

Once in the hospital, the long wait started. Simon films his wife at different times and things seem to be getting nowhere. To kill the time they watch The Money Heist and Simon does a sudoku.

A few hours and an epidural later at 17:51 the time has finally come: the ten centimeters dilation has been reached and the pressing moment has arrived. We don’t see anything about the birth itself, but Simon does say: ‘After 28 minutes of pushing, our baby was born.’ A little later we see how the Emperors inform their daughter Kiki about the birth of her brother. “The baby’s name is Joa!” Annemarie tells her. The next morning Kiki can finally meet her brother.

Recently we spoke to Simon’s partner Nick. He is of course very happy for Simon, Annemarie and Kiki.

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