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Simón Besil Wins First Prize in Departmental Short Film Contest for Legend of Chupacabra

By Andrés Torterola
Professor Simón Besil is a native of Baltasar Brum, department of Artigas, for approximately 12 years he has stood out by obtaining awards in short films at a national and international level, in the last few hours he once again obtained first prize in this case in the departmental contest held in Salto . His participation was with fellow Artíguen, Psychologist Daniela López. The call for competition was for different devices, film cameras, and cell phones, Besil and López participated in the cameras category, they analyzed a book that contained all the legends of the city and the countryside of the department of Salto, the chosen story was that of the Chupacabra , it is a legendary cryptid, which is described as a being that attacks animals of different species in rural areas. The choice of the Chupacabra was because it was one of the few rural legends, the recording was easier to do in the countryside, the short film was made with actors from Artigas and Quaraí (Brazil), directed by Simón and produced by Daniela López, They say that the filming took four days, there was a month’s deadline, the call was published on November 29 and the final deadline was December 29.
The jury is international, three prizes were awarded, the first was $10 thousand, the second $5 thousand and the third $3 thousand. He said that since 2010 he has been making different types of short films, the first project was titled Tree, it was financed by several institutions, a participatory television initiative by TV Ciudad de Montevideo. In 2012 she won the first short film at the departmental level in Artigas, in 2015 she won the first prize at the National Student Film Festival in Montevideo, and in 2022 they won the Victoria award due to her career. Every year they do work independently or as a teacher, for two years they have held the “short” festival in Artigas. Besil said that this year they will participate in the Montevideo Fantastic festival, which takes place in the month of November.
SINCE 2016
The activity was organized by The NOX FILM FEST, it is a cinematic and fun experience that presents a careful programming of fantastic films and contemporary horror for the scare and enjoyment of all audiences. It is the only festival on the triple border that unites Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. It has been held uninterruptedly since 2016 and every year, it brings together thousands of young people and families to enjoy the best of world fantastic cinema, at its open-air venue in Parque Solari and in various public squares in the city of Salto. Organizes an International Competition that rewards the best films; It is free to enter and has a theme park format that includes, in addition to exhibitions, training, recreational and scenic activities. The last edition was from January 11 to 13, 2024.

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